Replace Your Old and Busted Pipes

Replace Your Old and Busted Pipes

We provide repiping services in Shreveport, LA

If you have old or cracked pipes, reach out to the experts at Long Run Plumbing LLC. We provide comprehensive repiping services in Shreveport, LA and the surrounding areas.

If you're worried about your pipes, our team can take care of them. We'll make sure that you get all the new pipes you need in your home. Call 318-549-1200 right now to get repiping services set up.

What are the signs that you need slab leak repair services?

Long Run Plumbing also provides slab leak repair services. If you have a slab leak, the signs could be subtle. Contact us today if:

  • You've found mold growing in your home.
  • You've noticed damp spots around your home.
  • You've had a decrease in water pressure.
  • Your water heater is constantly running.

Don't wait any longer to get the slab leak repair services you need-contact us today to set up an appointment in Shreveport, LA.