About Us

I am asked frequently about plumbers and how we justify our prices. The answer has to do with a number of things including but not limited to our extensive training, the insurance that we must carry just to be in business and provide peace of mind to our customers, and our knowledge consisting of, in my case and many others, 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry. I employ professionals that also have licenses and knowledge that must be compensated at a level to make them want to stay with my company.

We invest time and thousands of dollars in each employee to take them from laborer, to apprentice, to journeyman, and on to master plumbers. We use the best materials and equipment available. There are thousands of dollars worth of tools, equipment, and materials necessary for almost any job readily accessible to us on each truck. Some are specialty tools necessary for your specific job be it gas or water service, sewer line installation or repair, water heater installation or service, tubs, toilets, disposers, kitchens, baths ... all at the companys expense to provide same day/next day service to the customer.

Are there cheaper plumbers? Sure there are. They likely don't have the knowledge or experience required to complete your project in a timely and efficient manner therefore costing you more money over time. They usually do not possess the appropiate licenses and insurance necessary to work legally and provide peace of mind should something happen detrimental to your property, such as a fire or flood. There are rules and you should check the license and insurance of every contractor you allow on your property, otherwise your homeowners policy could be paying for accidents caused by some handyman and his injuries, too. Are you willing to "get what you pay for"?

Knowing that your home has been serviced properly and with the best available materials by the right plumber provides not just the necessary repairs or installations, but adds value to your home and provides peace of mind for you

We at Long Run Plumbing are all licensed, insured, background checked, and drug tested. We take pride in doing the best job, even if its more effort. We never leave a mess. And for our commercial/multi family properties we provide a welcome relief for management and maintenance with an assurance that they are free to consentrate on other things after passing the responsibility of that next disaster on to us.

Long Run Plumbing LMP6648, is ready for any planned repair or remodel and ready for unplanned disasters whenever they strike. Daytime, nighttime, weekends or holidays. Call us at (318)549-1200 anytime for peace of mind. Quality counts in the long run!